The Kermode Bear
Also known as the white spirit bear
gimpy white spirit bear of terrace bc canada
Terrace B,C. Canada has had it's own SPIRIT BEAR which was called Gimpy

Due to an accident he limped most of the time. He could be seen by most of the local folk along the Nass Hwy north towards the Lava Beds. He often loved to pose for the tourists and locals. Many photos have been taken of GIMPY. He departed this earth a few years back and is sorely missed.
Photos of Spirit Bears by Ron Thiele

Ron Thiele is a Professional Photographer for the Northwest. Visit his site to see some fabulous Photos

Physical Characteristics:

The kermode bear (Ursa Americanus Kermodie) is a beautiful white bear that lives in the
rain forests of British Columbia.
Unlike what some think, the Kermode bear is not a polar bear, nor is it an albino. The kermode is a sub species of the black bear. There is a recessive gene which both parents have to have to make the black bear white. There can be a family with white and black bears at the same time!

Like the black bear, the kermode weighs about 1/2 of a pound when born and about 300 when full grown. The mothers are quite protective of their cubs, as she teaches them the necessities of survival. Like most other bears, cubs can also learn from watching others. In fact, some of the cubs' technique in hunting just comes from observing others. Born in the spring, kermode bear cubs stay with their mothers till late summer when the salmon season starts. A kermode bear is a very lovable and gentle animal. It would only attack a human if its cubs were in danger, or if it was literally starving to death.


The kermode bear lives in the rain forests of British Columbia, Canada. The range of this magnificent bear is from Princess Royal Island to East Hazleton,Terrace,Prince Rupert Island. The area of the kermode is about 7.2 million hectares. The place were the most kermode bears are found is Princess Royal Island. In fact,the population of these bears is so intense, that one tenth of the black bears there, turn out to be white. Along with the kermode are bald eagles, salmon, foxes, and other various animals.

The climate is beautiful although in great danger. Logging companies have their eyes on these rain forests with trees that are hundreds of years old. Many organizations are trying to save this wondrous rain forest but they are fast disappearing.
gimpy white spirit bear of terrace bc canada

Kitasoo legend says that Raven: The Creator, went among the bears and turned every tenth bear white to serve as a reminder of a time when the Earth's great glaciers covered the landscape.

In the beginning of time, the world was white with ice & snow. Then the Raven came from heaven and made the world green, as it is today. But he wanted to make something to remind himself of the beginning and its whiteness. So on this Island, this special piece of paradise, he went among the black bears and every tenth one he made white. That way he could remember the world as it was. Then the Raven issued a decree: "The white bears would live here forever in peace"

Trivia From a Grizzly Bear Attack Survivor--- Web sites from around the globe continually show pictures (mainly .gifs) suggesting bears have 4 toes - This is incorrect! Bears have 5 toes (and 5 claws-1 per toe). Maybe "WE" must provide correct information to the public - then how can we expect to save Bears? Wolves and Cougars have 4 toes (Wolves show claw marks, Cougars do not), Bears have 5 toes and show claw marks (ie - non retractable). (yes I have made that mistake myself on this page!)


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Bears are not companions of men, but children of God, and His charity is broad enough for both.
Bears are made of the same dust as we, and breathe the same winds and drink of the same waters.
A bear's days are warmed by the same sun, his dwellings are over domed by the same
blue sky, and his life turns and ebbs with heart-pulsings like ours and was poured from the same fountain...

-- John Muir

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