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Terrace bc canada

Terrace BC Canada

Terrace is the main junction connecting Canada's Pacific Northern ports to the BC interior and the Praires. With an area population of 46,000 and growing fast, and regional trading area of more than 100,000 inhabitants, Terrace is the rural northern link for communications, transportation and resource product trade.

Servicing center for the surrounding communities, with Highway 37 running south to Kitmat (home of ALCAN), where your aluminum comes from, and north to Alaska. The Yellowhead Highway 16 connecting Prince Rupert (west) the Pacific ocean NEW main shipping port, then to Prince George (east). There is access to the Alaska highway, a modern airport with daily flights to Vancouver,3 airlines,service local towns and areas, and regular VIA rail and bus service. However, to drive from the South up North is a magnificent experience that one should include in their lifetime adventures.
Terrace British Columbia Bridges over the Skeeena rivers

Terrace has grown by leaps and bounds, new box stores have arrived here. Plus many more new businesses and opportunities.
Mining is now in our future and the Prince Rupert port Container. The port is now up and running and the main source of the COSCO Shipping Lines is bringing more people to relocate. It is a boom town again.
Terrace is now considered the Service Center of the North West British Columbia.

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Visit Hertage Park Museum Tons of information
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David Watson Photographic Art- Breathtaking Photos of Northwest British Columbia
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